Oasis Geosolution Private Limited


We provide mapping which means in geomatics or geospatial science is to collect geospatial data and generally used instead of cartography.

Map is created through some cartographic works i.e determining the scale/level of detail and content of geographic or cartographic database, entry criteria and symbol specification for geospatial objects, generalization, layout design etc.In other words, the acquisition of data with geographic coordinates directly from terrain or imagery means mapping. In mapping graphical representation of a procedure, process, structure, or system that depicts arrangement and relationships among its different components, and traces flows of energy, goods, information, materials, money, personnel, etc.

In geography maps are one of the most important tools researchers, cartographers, students and others can use to examine the entire Earth or a specific part of it.


Infrastructure / Teaching Facility

  • Well equipped Laboratory with advanced systems and Internet connection
  • Global Positioning System and Image Processing Software
  • Medical Insurance for each student
  • Gymnasium, Sports and Yoga facilities
  • Library with huge collection of Books for various domains

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