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The digital orthophoto process transforms a vertical aerial photograph into the equivalent of a traditional map. Yet it retains the advantages of a photograph—visually displaying actual cultural and land features, and the built environment, rather than representing those features using symbols and lines.many uses for geospatial mapping products require current planimetric feature data. Analysis and design from geospatial data sets generally require a known positional accuracy of features. The collection and updating of planimetric features in a data set can be costly. 

The first orthophotography was produced by computer driven optical methods and equipment. Today, these pieces of equipment have been replaced by the computer workstation and sophisticated computer software algorithms. The product of this technology is a digital image that can stand alone on its own visual merits or be integrated and employed within a geographic information system. Assessing the spatial accuracy and quality of the final product should be of significant interest to the GIS manager who will use this imagery in daily operations.

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