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Course & Program:   Cources Practical + Academic Knowledge
Duration:  5 month { 3 + 2 month }
100 % job oriented Cources

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Oasis Geosolution have been associated with a tradition to provide the best in terms of academic training coupled with industry interface. But the promise of delivering academic excellence can't happen without the support of good faculties:
Dr. B. K Singh, Associate Professor
M. Phill, M. G. I. S. T.
Teaching Experience:2 Years
Dr. R.Nathani, Assistant Professor
M. Sc.

Courses Offered:

GIS Images:


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is one of the best tools currently available for managing geographic information. The definition of GIS varies depending on specific applications, but generally it is described as a computer-based system with the ability to store, retrieve, modify, analyze, and represent geographic data as useful information.

LiDAR Images:


(LiDAR) or Light Detection and Ranging technology involves a scanning and ranging laser system that produces pinpoint accurate, high-resolution topographic maps. Today, the entire process of airborne laser mapping is highly automated, from flight planning, to data acquisition, to the generation of digital terrain models.
Course Duration: One Month
Course Contents: Basics of LiDAR Detection and removal of noise and outlying points Generation of digital elevation models and contours derived Generation of elevation profiles, Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) as raster, TIN, contour or slope models. Advanced detection and extraction of buildings, features, specific model generation Surface and land use classification, characterization LiDAR Filtering using Terramodel and Terrascan 3D model generation of features Integration with Photogrammetric applications.

Photogrametry Images:


Photogrammetry is the science, technology and art of obtaining reliable information from noncontact imaging and other sensor systems about the Earth and its environment, and other physical objects and processes through recording, measuring, analysing and representation.


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